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What to expect

“The feeling of well being after a treatment is worth a visit alone”

Tom Cutting, 40

It is important that patients feel relaxed, comfortable and safe and I am pleased to welcome those I treat into a non-clinical, calm and peaceful space. In the first session I take a detailed medical history, including childhood illnesses and falls, pertinent family medical history and any secondary problems if appropriate. I also develop an understanding of diet and lifestyle.

I then check my patient’s mobility in spine and joints, which usually involves some movements. I examine the patient structurally, giving immediate feedback about what I am seeing and commenting on the patient’s back and stance. If appropriate, I might also check a patient’s blood pressure.

Patients usually lie down for the treatment itself, which is a combination of cranial osteopathy, massage and osteopathy. Patients feel secure and comfortable during the session: I take care to explain what I am doing and to ask permission before treatment. I make sure that I tell the patient what I find and, at the end, we discuss a treatment plan. This often involves some exercises and may include advice on diet and lifestyle.

In the event that I feel further medical tests are required, I would discuss these with the patient and, with permission, I would write to my patient’s GP as appropriate.

Appointment lengths
The first appointment, during which I take the detailed medical history, is one hour long, for subsequent appointments, allow 45 minutes.

Babies and children:
Allow 45 minutes for the first appointment and 30 minutes for follow up appointments.

I offer free check ups to babies up to two weeks old. Click here for further information regarding appointments and fees.Contact_me.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

After treatment

Directly after the first appointment, patients might feel relief from the immediate problem, but osteopathy aims to treat the underlying cause of the problem, rather than the immediate symptoms, so some follow up treatment is usually required. It is normal to feel tired and sore for a day or two after treatment, but this will settle down. Patients should avoid strenuous activities for two days following their appointment. I am always happy to talk to patients about their response to the session on the phone.

What to wear

I ask patients to wear loose clothing, or shorts, if preferred, and be prepared to undress down to underwear if necessary. Children and teenagers should wear shorts or loose clothes as I would not expect them to undress down to their underwear.

What to bring

I ask patients to bring any medication they are taking, together with any results of scans, X-rays or any other medical tests, to the first appointment.

Babies and children

I enjoy developing a rapport with the babies and children I treat. Treatment generally works best when babies and children are relaxed and calm, so please do bring along a favourite toy or books to read to your child. I also have books and toys and sometimes treat children outside in the garden, weather permitting, if they are more relaxed there than in the treatment room itself. I also chat to parents about the best time of day for their child’s appointment; it may be that young babies come after their evening bath or just before a day-time nap.

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