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What I treat

“Janet has helped me greatly with reducing my migraines”

Lucy Valentine, 11

A very wide range of problems respond well to my blend of osteopathic and cranial osteopathic treatment and the case studies below are examples of some of the diverse conditions which I have helped. 

In all cases, I build a strong rapport with patients and this is an important part of the way in which I diagnose and treat problems. Older patients often come to me with complex issues the causes of which are deep rooted, a number of patients come when they are in their nineties.  I have also worked extensively with babies, children and young adults. Many of my patients are teenagers and young adults who have come to me with stress related issues.  Sometimes patients come to me with discrete problems which improve significantly after only a few sessions, other patients come for much longer term treatment of chronic conditions. I run a family practice, often seeing several members of the same family.

Case histories
Baby O – restless, irritable baby with colic
Baby O came to see me when he was three weeks old.  He was a large baby, weighing 9 lbs 15 ozs, and his birth had been particularly difficult ultimately requiring a ventouse.  In the early weeks he was colicky and very restless. When I first saw Baby O, the shape of his head was still affected by the ventouse and there was a sore mark present in the area to which it had been attached.  Baby O’s umbilical cord had also been cut very close to his abdomen and was not healing well.
I saw Baby O four times in total and during the treatment the shock dispersed from his cord, the strained muscles in his abdomen relaxed, and the effects of the ventouse disappeared. His parents noticed that the restless evenings he had experienced also diminished.

ED, aged 72 – joint pain and long term treatment of chronic condition
ED first had osteopathic treatment 20 years ago for shoulder and neck pain and has come on a regular basis ever since for a variety of problems, ranging from aches and pains in her hips, knees and lower back, to helping her to recover from a fall and improving her pain after suffering a fracture of the upper arm.  ED’s mother had suffered from crippling arthritis which ED knew was hereditary. ED decided to use osteopathy as a preventative treatment to address this problem in its early stages.  Ongoing treatment has meant that ED is still fit, healthy and mobile.
DS, aged 41 – back and pelvic pain
DS came suffering with pelvic and back pain after heavy lifting. The extreme pain had radiated into his leg. Osteopathic and cranial osteopathic treatment allowed his pelvis to rebalance and removed the compensations in his spine which alleviated the pain with which he had presented. He was then able to maintain a healthy back with a set of stretching exercises and some workouts in the gym.  The problem tended to recur whenever life became extra stressful and during these periods he came back for a short course of treatment.

CL, aged 51 – migraines and neck pain
CL came for treatment suffering with a stiff neck, nausea and hormonally related headaches or migraines as well as some back pain.  CL’s menopause had started and she was suffering with migraines for days at a time.  A detailed history and discussion of lifestyle and diet showed that various foods were also responsible for triggering the migraines.  After five treatments the pattern cleared and only reappeared five years later when CL suffered further emotional stress and needed follow up treatment. 
JS, aged 4 – behavioural changes after a bad fall
JS had fallen onto his head and since this fall his parents had noticed he had been very tired, moody and restless; his behaviour had changed and he was not himself.  He had had no other accidents or falls and was generally very robust and healthy.  During treatment, the compression at the base of his head gradually eased and the shock which had affected his breathing normalised. He recovered fully after five treatments.

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